9 900 XPF 9 000 XPF

Boite de 60 gélules / 2 ou 3 gélules par jour.

A prendre le matin ou le midi, 30-60 minutes avant le repas.

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Original Keto Pills – These keto pills contain a higher amount of Bhb in its blend than others do. The compound helps induce ketosis kick-starting diets and ketone production faster.

Minimizes Carb-Absorption- Our Keto Burn Diet Pills are recommended for people who are following a keto burn xtreme. These Keto diet pills prevent your body from absorbing carbohydrates

Improves Metabolism – These exogenous ketones pills help speed up calorie breakdown in the body more efficiently. Ideal for individuals who are looking to get in shape.

Focus & Drive Boost – Not only will ketone bodies in these perfect keto bhb diet give you energy, enhance your brain power. Now you can perform tasks with increased speed and clarity

Premium Bhb Salts – We stand behind the quality of our super cut keto. This specially-formulated keto Bhb supplement is safe & effective.


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