21 000 XPF


  • 6 x led grow light bar
  • 1 x Driver1
  • 1 x power cord with timer;
  • 1 x Double-sided tape
  • 5 x Extension power cords
  • 1 x User manual
  • 12 x Cable tie
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MORE EFFICIENT & SUPER BRIGHT: Our indoor plant lights equipped with 96 full spectrum LEDs, 400nm-700nm high efficiency spectrum, high PAR value, luminous efficiency reach up to 98% without any waste. It provides the most important spectrum for your plants, veg, flower, succulents, tomatoes. Efficiently shorten the growth cycle, also increase the yield to great degree.

AUTO ON OFF & TIMING FUNCTION: LED Plant grow lights comes with automatic ON/Off & Timing Function switch and AC adapter . Not only can you set it up for lighting every 3/6/12 hours, but you can also adjust the brightness of the light, according to plant needs. Set up once and it will turn on and off automatically EVERY DAY!

4 DIMMABLE LEVELS: The grow light bar for seedlings has 4 adjustable brightness level, range from 25%,50%,75% to100% according to different growth stages of plants. Best LED grow light strips for starting seedlings, germination, vegetative & flowering.Use it for hanging plants, planting in trays or small pots in your indoor home garden or hydroponics growing system.

FLEXIBLE DESIGN & EASY TO INSTALL: This T5 LED grow light strips easy for you to finish your setup with the supplied super strong self-adhesive pads or cable ties, Easy to install on your cabinet, plant shelf, wall and growing system with cable tie. No screws, no need to punch holes in the bracket. It is mainly used in gardening indoor, ideal for seedling, flowering and fruiting for your plants, flowers, vegetables

High PAR Values

Super bright plant grow led light strip bars PAR value is 239.6 umol/m²s hanging at 6 inch height. High PAR value and deep penetration to support better plant growth.

  • Blue Light: 400-500nm,promotes the synthesis of plant chlorophyll,carotenoids, chlorophyll A&B, promotes photosynthesis and leaf growth.
  • Red Light: 610-720nm plays an important role in the synthesis of chlorophyll A&B to promote plant roots growth and help plants grow taller and thicker, which is most suitable for plant flowering and fruits. Increase yield.
  • 3) IR: Higher than 680nm good for plant blooming and fruiting.

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